August 21, 2017


Fabian Debora, Artist in Residency, 8/21 to 8/26, at Sacred Heart Center
August 21, 2017 – Richmond, Virginia: The Sacred Heart Center is honored to present “Project Paint the
Mural / Proyecto Pintemos el Mural.” During the week of 8/21 to 8/25, artist Fabian Debora will work with a
group of local youth to paint a mural guided by Fabian and designed by the youth on the second floor of the
Sacred Heart Center.

Born in El Paso, TX. and raised in Boyle Heights, CA, Fabian has been creating art since his childhood.
Beginning his art career in 1995 as a member of the East Los Angeles Streetscapers, Fabian was mentored by
many Chicano artists and muralists and was introduced a creative expression in all forms, from graffiti to murals
to sketching.

Over the years Fabian has created murals throughout East Los Angeles and continued to develop his style
through work on canvas. He has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States,
including Santa Barbara, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and Kansas City, MO.
Fabian is currently a counselor and mentor at Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles and works in collaboration
with OTIS College of Design as a liaison between community artists in Boyle Heights and students in the

Fabian continues to use art as a vehicle to communicate and educate and touch people throughout his
journey. By conceptualizing and interpreting his personal experiences as well as the experiences of his
community, Fabian believes that he too can effect change. He is determined to continue to expand his horizons
and to fully and honestly express himself through his art.
There will be an unveiling ceremony open to the public at the Sacred Heart Center on Saturday, August 26, at 3


About the Sacred Heart Center
The Sacred Heart Center, a non-profit community center located in South Richmond, is one of the few
organizations in the Richmond area dedicated to serving Richmond’s Latino population. Founded in 1990 by
the Maryland Province Jesuits and the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, the SHC has a long history of serving the
community. The Center’s current mission, adopted by the SHC Board in 2011, is to create a hub for the Latino
community in the Richmond Metro Area that opens pathways to social and economic integration, family
success, and community leadership.

Contact: Tanya Gonzalez
Executive Director
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