Helping our community from home!

THANK YOU desde el Corazón

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our community has had to face many difficulties, but thanks to YOU, our donors and volunteers who have given us your support during these difficult times, we have been able to help our community in these times of great need.

During the summer our drive up Food Bank provided food to feed a total of 6015 people/1500 families, as well deliver food to 853 people/89 families that needed to receive their food aid at homes located in Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield. SHC is continuing to provide food aid to families on a drive up basis and also to those are isolated due to being COVID-19 + and other families with transportation limitations, in partnership with Bainbridge Community Ministries.

This has been possible thanks to the constant support of different social organizations, non-profit organizations, churches and community members who have donated, raised money, volunteered or created food drives to bring abundant donations to our food bank during these 4 months that it has been active on an increased basis. THANK YOU!

During the past 17 weeks, our in-house Emergency Relief Program has benefited 535 families who have received financial assistance for rent / mortgage payments. This is in response to the complicated situation faced by families in our community due to lack of work, layoffs, and lack of accessible support from government entities.

The Sacred Heart Center family and community will be forever grateful for your generosity and love!

Summer Programs

This summer, the quarantine pushed us to create new ways to connect with our community. We had to step out of our comfort zone and reinvent ourselves, but after a few weeks of brainstorming and teamwork we were able to transition our face-to-face programs into online classes and activities. A special thank you to our special donors who donated tablets and computers to benefit our students.

We look forward to continuing to have our programs online for the fall. Our future for engaging programs on a virtual platform is a new challenge and our team is ready to offer tools to our community to thrive and flourish in this changing environment.

Our GED Math teacher Johnny Rodriguez, wanted to share these words, describing his experience with this big change;

“At first it was a bit difficult since the adaptation of the classroom to the use of information and communication technologies requires material resources, such as computers, digital materials, training for the use of digital platforms among others. After having started, thanks to administrative management and donor donations, students were able to access resources that helped us to have classes more efficiently, allowing students to quickly adapt to the use of technologies. And as we progressed the teaching-learning process was successful.

I would like to thank all donors with all my heart for the support provided to be able to continue with our programs that benefit the most vulnerable, thank you for making the world have good people every day, thank you for making our families happy, thank you for helping the education, a fundamental pillar in people’s lives, reach our community, a thousand thanks for your gratitude, without you, nothing we do would be possible. A hug and once again a thousand thanks from the bottom of our hearts.”

THANK YOU for keeping our programs running!

September Partnership with The Thrifty Quaker

We are pleased to announce that The Thrifty Quaker will be donating their September earnings from their thrift store to the Sacred Heart Center so that we can continue to offer our programs to our community.

We encourage all of our supporters and partner organizations to donate gently used items to the store and to also shop there during the month of September. The Thrifty Quaker accepts any item that you would sell at a yard sale, such as furniture, household items, clothing, books, electronics, and appliances.

To learn more about The Thrifty Quaker, click here. There you will find the opening hours and how to get to the store.

This would be a great time to go through your closets for some late summer cleaning!

Cena con la familia

Due to the Covid 19 crisis, we will not be able to be together in person to share a meal together this year at our annual ‘Breakfast from the Heart’. However, we do look forward to sharing some recipes, stories from community members, and updates on Sacred Heart Center activities during our ‘Cena con la familia’ (Family Dinner), October 28-30.

Stay tuned for more information via email and social media!

Volunteer Spotlight

“The Latino community has been particularly hard-hit by the pandemic and the resulting business slowdown. Many are employed in service jobs or temporary jobs, and when businesses shut down or slow down, they’re the first to end up out of work, out of income, and without a safety net. I feel a palpable connection to the community because of my family’s roots in the community.“

These are the words of our volunteer Bridgett Hurley, who was one of the first to be part of our team of volunteers during the start of the expanded Food Bank that we established to provide food aid to our community members during the pandemic.

We are very grateful to Bridgett and the other food bank volunteers for taking the initiative during the COVID-19 crisis to care for and offer support to our community.

We’re Looking for ESL Volunteer Teachers!

SHC welcomes any volunteers with experience teaching ESL to teach our virtual Fall 2020 session. We are looking for ESL teachers available to teach our virtual classes in the morning Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-12pm, starting in early September.

Please visit our HandsOn post by clicking here for more details and to “Express Interest” if you would like to join our wonderful team!

Wish List

We are accepting all food items while also strongly asking for foods that our community consumes:

Corn flour


Dried or canned beans


Baby formula

Snacks for small children

Canned Vegetables



Canned Fruit

Powdered Milk



Peanut butter

Tea & Coffee

Cooking oils

Other items we are accepting:

Personal Care Products (new, unopened deodorants, lotions, dental care, hair care, shaving needs, soap, laundry detergent/fabric softener)

Diapers (any size but we have extra need for size 4-6)

Feminine hygiene products

Latex gloves

Paper & Plastic bags to distribute food

Cardboard Boxes to distribute food

Lysol/Clorox wipes

Gift cards for students to buy school supplies or personal items, such as Visa, Target or Walmart
Mountable fans or pedestal fans to move air (please call for details)
Shades/blinds for our Southside building (please call for details)
Contact: Elaine Hinckle
804 230 4399 ~

We’re Looking for an Intern!

We’re looking for a bilingual intern to help us tell the stories of our community. Bi-cultural students that are studying journalism, photography or film, and that have some experience with social media are encouraged to apply .

Our communications coordinator, Carlos Bernate, is an award-winning freelance documentary photographer, who during the internship will support the intern as a mentor with their professional career needs.

To learn more about Carlos’ background, click here.

Interested? Contact: Sarah Chua

The Family Protection Project

“The system is designed to fail:

As a partner attorney with the Family Protection Project at the Sacred Heart Center, Alina Kilpatrick sees firsthand the ways in which the odds are stacked against asylum seekers in the US. “The system is designed to fail,” she says. To listen to the podcast, published by the Jesuit Migration Network, click here

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