who we are

Who We Are

Sacred Heart Center is proud to support our local Latino community through our adult education and support programs. Our adult education programs help provide steps for our students to reach new opportunities.

A student who begins in our Family Literacy program may then work their way into our Spanish GED program. The goal is to provide students a path to reach higher education and employment opportunities. Our Citizenship classes also allow us to support our local international and refugee community.

Sacred Heart Center supports individual success but also recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of the family. Our Pasitos Exitosos program geared at preparing young children for school runs simultaneously with our adult English and Spanish Literacy classes. This allows both the child and parent to benefit from our Family Literacy learning program. Our summer Cielito Lindo program gives children the opportunity to engage in educational but fun summer activities. Our College and Career Bound program helps Latinos in high school prepare for and explore higher education opportunities. In addition, Sacred Heart Center has a bus that we use to make our programs accessible to parents and children who would otherwise have to miss out on these learning programs.

Sacred Heart Center also values working alongside other community partners who share our vision of building a stronger community. Roundtable, one of the events we help host, gives community partners an opportunity to exchange valuable resources and allows for a dialogue on the things affecting our community.

These are just a few of the things we do and a couple of the programs we offer. We hope we’ve piqued your interest and invite you to explore our website where you can gain more information on any of the programs mentioned above as well as others that are offered. On our website you can also learn about any special events being held at Sacred Heart Center. We invite you to help us empower our community!