who we are

Vision & Values

We connect Latino families with tools to thrive and flourish.

Our work manifests through:

  • A continuum of educational opportunities for adults
  • Innovative programs for youth and children
  • Strategic partnerships to meet community needs

Our Vision:

Our Richmond community actively embraces each other in our shared humanity

Our Values:

These principles guide our actions and decisions:

  • Compassion. Care for the dignity of each person is at the heart of our work.
  • Inclusion. We create community by welcoming all.
  • Equity. Systemic change is advanced through sustained action.
  • Collaboration. We work together in solidarity.

Strategic Priorities 2022-2024

  • Strengthen our portfolio of programs that have a transformational impact on the lives of Latino families
  • Advance equitable representation and engagement of Latino community members
  • Achieve robust funding to realize our strategic aspirations
  • Expand awareness of our mission and identity
  • Pursue operational excellence