Mission, Values, & Strategies

The mission of the Sacred Heart Center is to serve as a hub for Richmond’s Latino community that opens opportunities for economic and social integration, family success and community leadership. The Sacred Heart Center is a nonprofit community center under the auspices of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond and guided by the Ignatian identity of the Society of Jesus.

Sacred Heart Center envisions a society where all are welcome and all have the opportunity to develop their talents that contribute to the common good.

In Thought and Action, Our Approach Is

  • Be Person Centric
  • Serve those who are vulnerable
  • Co-Create empowered communities

We believe:

  • In the dignity of every human being.
  • In human potential for doing good.
  • In families as the basic organizing unit of strong communities.
  • In building inclusive communities among peoples of different racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and linguistic backgrounds.
  • In sustained actions that advance equity in our organization and in our community over time.
  • In fostering respect for all of creation and a responsible caring for the environment.

Our three focus areas are to:

  • Open educational opportunities for adults
  • Prepare a first generation of Americans for success, and
  • Build a hub that brings people together, celebrates Latino culture, and facilitates access to services.

We also strive to build capacity for organizational growth to reach more people in our service area.

Our strategies are to:

  • Create a welcoming and supportive environment that builds relationships, addresses basic needs and counters the effects of isolation in the Latino community.
  • Offer adults a ladder of educational opportunities ranging from basic literacy to high school equivalency.
  • Support families at key intervention points to help their children succeed (i.e. early childhood, high school, summer vacation).
  • Foster the development of grassroots leaders and community advocates.
  • Promote opportunities for intercultural understanding.
  • Collaborate in active partnership with other organizations in the Greater Richmond community.
  • Build capacity for organizational growth to reach more people in our service area.

Advocacy at Sacred Heart Center