Volunteers are the Heart in Sacred Heart Center. These are the people who teach our English classes, tutor Spanish and GED, read to children, paint murals on the walls, help register students, record attendance, practice citizenship interview skills, photograph events and so much more. Sacred Heart Center couldn’t function without its wonderful volunteers and are honored that so many volunteers donate their time to be part of our mission. Thank you, volunteers!


• If you would like to become a volunteer, a list of our current volunteer positions can be seen on our Handson page or on our Volunteer Match page.
• Or, if there are no opportunities available for you, please fill out this Volunteer Interest Form and indicate your skills, language level, and general volunteer interests.
• If you have any questions about volunteering with us, please contact  Sarah Chua!

student with thank-you cakeVolunteer Testimonial

When I first came to Sacred Heart Center I was looking to do some work with the community served by this center, and all the staff greeted me with openness and trust. Thus, when I returned to work as a volunteer, I was already in a position of gratitude. I have served as a volunteer at more than one site recently, and Sacred Heart is distinct as a place to work because of the relationships between staff here, between staff and the mission, and between staff and the volunteers. The staff immediately integrate volunteers into their lives, the lives of the center, and the welfare of the community. It feels like a family, open, curious, warm, and always changing.
-Lara, volunteer

If you would like to become a volunteer, contact Sarah Chua or fill out this Volunteer Interest Form.